A Scarlett Woman named Andrea (tygeressdenacht) wrote in livingslayers,
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An introduction...

A beginning.. Everything has a start.. everything has to start somewhere. So where do we as slayers start? How did it come to us. We were always born to be what we are. We may have even done this in previous lives. We are the ones who guard the dark doorways and find unknown truths in the planes of the beyond... We are the chosen ones. We don't always appreciate that we are the chosen ones but it can't be changed. It can not be denied. We know in our souls (the very core of our being) that we were chosen to protect that which is good and the balance of the universe. So we struggle on wondering if there are others out there like us. If we might meet someone else who lives the life of a chosen one. They are few and far between but if you are lucky every once in a while they will stumble acrossed your path in one way or another.... and it is always a pleasant meeting. so go on we must. Defend that which should be balanced. We must never let the balance turn or else all is lost. The battle was for naught. So fight we must.
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